BROADCAST DATE : Apr 19, 2013

Mission Improbable

Cynthia Vanier, the Canadian woman accused of masterminding a plot to smuggle the son of late Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi to Mexico, has been released from jail after a Mexican federal appeals court upheld her appeal.

Vanier spent almost 18 months in a prison in Chetumal. She challenged the grounds for her arrest and detention, alleging various violations -- including being denied access to a lawyer and her embassy when she was arrested.

How Vanier got from a small town in Ontario to Libya and then to a prison cell in Mexico is a twisted tale full of intrigue. With a huge financial stake in Libya and in the Gadhafi family, SNC Lavalin brass watched anxiously as NATO bombers tried to end the reign of Muammar Gadhafi. They hired Cynthia Vanier to go to Libya to work on a low-key PR campaign. Vanier, at that time, was a mediator who was out of her league in a country in the midst of fighting a civil war.

Mission Improbable tells Vanier's story and how she claims she was duped into a risky mission in Libya, and thrown in a prison for allegedly trying to smuggle Saadi Gadhafi and his family into Mexico. Linden MacIntyre reveals how some say SNC Lavalin played both sides and used Cynthia Vanier as a pawn.