BROADCAST DATE : Nov 18, 2011

Murder, he wrote

It happened in Edmonton, but it's a story right out of a Hollywood thriller: An aspiring filmmaker whose role model was a TV serial killer, penned a screenplay about murders committed on film against victims cast over the internet — and then set out to be the star of his own macabre production.

In a case of fiction becoming fact, Mark Twitchell's world of lies and fantasy unraveled into a grisly murder plot when he lured two unsuspecting men into his garage. Twitchell now stands convicted of stabbing and dismembering Johnny Altinger in Edmonton in October 2008.

In "MURDER, he wrote", the fifth estate's Bob McKeown goes inside the secret life of Alberta's "Dexter killer." Through exclusive police video and gripping first-hand accounts, McKeown tells the shocking story of a cool, calculating murderer, and the terrified victim that got away, and ultimately helped police to crack the case.