BROADCAST DATE : Nov 25, 2011

A Cold Case

In the summer of 1989, Duncan MacPherson was setting off to start a new life as a hockey coach in Europe. But the 23-year-old Saskatoon native and former NHL first-round draft pick took a holiday detour to snowboard in the Austrian Alps and then vanished — for 14 years.

That disappearance plunged his family into a twenty-year search for the truth. Duncan's body was finally discovered in 2003, found frozen in a crevasse on a glacier near a popular ski run. Austrian police and operators of the Innsbruck-area resort have long maintained it a closed case — claiming MacPherson's death was just an accident, the result of his venturing away from the safety of the designated course and into dangerous terrain.

Five years ago, the fifth estate took its first in-depth look at the mystery in an episode dubbed "The Iceman," and raised many troubling questions about the official version of events. In a new report titled "A Cold Case," the fifth estate's Linden MacIntyre teams up with investigative journalist and author John Leake, and top forensic specialists to break new ground in the 22-year mystery. "A Cold Case" presents the explosive and compelling last chapter of the Iceman's story, and gets as close to the truth of what really happened to Duncan MacPherson that day in Austria as anyone will likely ever get.