BROADCAST DATE : Feb 4, 2011


In this exclusive North American broadcast premiere, we go behind the scenes of one of the most secretive organizations in the world. WikiLeaks has made over a million secret documents public, but until now this Internet service for whistleblowers remained shrouded in mystery. With unprecedented access we follow a Swedish Television crew as they go inside the underground Internet network into the clandestine world of its enigmatic Editor-in-Chief — Julian Assange — and his information warriors.

Their model was Wikipedia. Their plan to use information to make the world a safer place. Julian Assange and his fellow computer wizards created to expose abuses of power. Their website soon became an online clearinghouse for sensitive material leaked anonymously and checked for authenticity by dedicated volunteers. These so called cyber activists sparked a global movement that has escalated the war on secrecy and revolutionized political discussion. WikiLeaks has become an icon of the cyber age. Some say Assange could possibly be the world's most influential man.

In WikiRebels, we learn about the early hacker life of Julian Assange and the WikiLeaks website, and what led up to the release of a classified US military video depicting the indiscriminate killing more than a dozen Iraqi citizens, among them two Reuters news staff. The release of "Collateral Murder" was an all out gamble on an explosive video clip that could make or break WikiLeaks. Assange has been showered with praise and publically condemned by US politicians and media commentators. Sarah Palin has said the Wiki leader should be hunted down, comparing him to "al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders."

With Assange now facing charges on alleged sexual offences in Sweden, leaks from within WikiLeaks are threatening to blow it apart. Julian Assange remains undaunted. Now that he has the world's attention, he says he is ready to release the next avalanche of secrets.