BROADCAST DATE : Jan 28, 2011

Death of the Don

The Rizzutos of Montreal seemed cast by Hollywood. For almost a century the Rizzuto family wrote the history of organized crime in Canada and made billions doing it. Vito Rizzuto is the boss — the CEO of Canadian crime known as Montreal's Teflon Don. With his father and son — Nick Sr. and Nick Jr. — Vito built an empire on gambling, drugs and crooked construction contracts on huge public works projects.

With hidden cameras, wiretaps and undercover footage broadcast here for the first time, the fifth estate goes deep inside the Canadian mafia. It's a story of money and the mob that traces the Rizzutos ruthless rise from their beginnings in New York City to murder and mayhem on the streets of Montreal. As the Rizzuto family's control over organized crime dissolves in blood and loss, the fifth estate's Bob McKeown takes an inside look at how it held onto power for so long and what comes next as Vito Rizzuto prepares for release from prison in 2012.