Apr 6, 2018 Deadly Force: The Shooting of Michael MacIsaac

When Michael MacIsaac woke up that day, his wife knew something was terribly wrong. He'd had a history of epilepsy, but this time he was acting irrationally, even violently. And soon he was running down the street, unclothed, approaching people. Bystanders could see he was likely having a psychotic episode. The police soon intervened after frantic 911 calls - and 12 seconds after their encounter with him began, Michael MacIsaac had been shot - mortally wounded... A CBC investigation has found that since 2000 there were 461 people killed in Canada as a result of encounters with police. And, like MacIsaac, 42% of those killed had a mental illness or were in mental distress. Is there a better path to de-escalation so that fewer incidents end in death?