The Issues Behind Organ Donation

Dr. Ari Joffe

Dr. Ari Joffe is a pediatric physician in the intensive care unit at the stollery children's hospital in Edmonton. He is concerned with how death is determined in Canada.

Dr. Sam Shemie

Dr. Sam Shemie is an intensive care specialist at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. In 2005 he chaired a Canadian forum that introduced Donation after Cardiocirculatory Death (DCD) in Canada. This means patients who are not brain dead, can also have their organs donated as long as their heart does not beat for at least five minutes after life support has been withdrawn. Prior to this, Canadians could only donate after brain death.

Dr. Alister Browne

Dr. Alister Browne was the Chair of the Ethics Committee at Vancouver General Hospital and a Clinical Professor and Ethics Theme Director in the Faculty of Medicine at UBC. He is now retired.