The Hidden War : Interactive Map Methodology

Tracking and confirming civilian casualties of Coalition airstrikes in Iraq and Syria is difficult and inexact at best because very few independent observers operate behind ISIS lines. Still, the fifth estate research team reviewed hundreds of allegations of civilian casualties documented by several sources. The sources include Airwars, a London based group of independent journalists which investigates reports of civilian casualties, along with local media reports in Iraq and Syria, reliable social media reports on the Internet and reports by respected human rights groups. We decided an allegation was credible enough to be included on this list when it was reported by at least two or more sources and when the location of the allegation lined up generally with bombing reports posted publicly by the Coalition. The allegations on this list have not been independently verified by the fifth estate, but appear to be worthy of follow up in-depth investigation. As the fifth estate revealed in “The Hidden War” there is little indication that the Canadian military or the Coalition are taking determined measures to seriously investigate these allegations on the ground. The situation on ground and in the air in Iraq and Syria changes daily, so this research represents a snapshot of Coalition and Canadian activity which we will continue to update periodically.