The Case Against Cyndy Vanier

The Plot

Four individuals--- Canadian Cynthia Vanier, Mexican Jose Luis Kenney Prieto and Americans Gabriela de Cueto and Pierre Flensborg--- allegedly plotted to secretly smuggle Saadi Gadhafi, his wife and their two young children into Mexico during the NATO bombing of Libya in 2011.

The Evidence

Testimony from Bertha Cruz

Cruz is Gabriela de Cueto's friend and former neighbour. She alleges that on August 25, 2011 Gabriela de Cueto emailed her a passport photo of Saadi Gadhafi and a photo of a young girl. When she contacted de Cueto to ask her why she had emailed her the photos, de Cueto allegedly asked Cruz if she knew anyone in Mexico who could help her get fake I.D. for the individuals. The email thread shows that the passport photo was forwarded to de Cueto from Cynthia Vanier.

Testimony from Christian Esquino

Esquino is Bertha Cruz's common-law husband and the owner of the airplane company that Cynthia Vanier rented her private airplanes from. Esquino alleges that near the end of September 2011, Gabriela de Cueto and her business partner, Gregory Gillispie, told him that the reason they wanted to rent Esquino's planes was to smuggle Saadi Gadhafi and his family to Mexico.

Gary Peters interview with the RCMP

Peters was Cynthia Vanier and Saadi Gadhafi's bodyguard. He alleges, during an interview with the RCMP, that Cynthia Vanier told him about a plan to move Saadi Gadhafi to Mexico. The RCMP quote Peters as telling them, "...around the month of May 2011, Cynthia Vanier stated that Gabriela de Cueto had high ranking relations within the Mexican government and that she could provide legal documents that would enable Saadi, his wife and two kids to move to Mexico for $100,000 U.S. per person."

Fake Mexican passport found on Vanier

Mexican authorities claim that when they arrested Cynthia Vanier on November 10, 2011, they found a fake Mexican passport on her.

The Defence

Vanier claims that the email that was allegedly sent from Gabriela de Cueto to Bertha Cruz is a fake. She accuses Christian Esquino and Gary Peters as being liars who made up the entire story about the plot to move Gadhafi to Mexico. She also claims that the phony Mexican passport was planted on her.