More on the book ‘Shrunk: Crime and Disorders of the Mind’

Over the years at The Fifth Estate, we’ve profiled of some of Canada’s most haunting killers – their motives, their methods, their murders.

On "The Mind Readers" (link) we take you deep inside their minds - a journey with the psychiatrists who are sent into the jail cells to diagnose some of Canada’s most infamous accused killers.

Our program featured interviews with two forensic psychiatrists  -- Dr. Joel Watts and Dr. Jeffrey Waldman -- who also tell their story in a recently-published  book  called "Shrunk: Crime and Disorders of the Mind" ​ (editors:  Dr. Lorene Shyba PhD and Dr. J. Thomas Dalby PhD)

In the book, Dr. Watts talks about his work on the case of Luka Magnotta and Dr.  Waldman describes what he learned about Vince Li.

The book details the insights and perspectives of several other medical experts in other criminal cases. The publisher describes the book as "a collection of powerful chapters by eminent Canadian and international forensic psychologists and psychiatrists who write about mental health issues they face and what they are doing about it."

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