Inside Rami’s Story

When our team began to look into what was happening in Syria and Iraq, it was obvious what they had to do: Get an idea of what it's really like behind ISIS lines. We found a brave young man we called Rami who was willing to risk his life once a week to talk to us. Through weekly Skype calls over four months with Rami and through smuggled video from within the IS-controlled city of Deirezzor in Syria, we were able to paint a revealing picture of what life is like under ISIS. Rami was a normal 22-year-old young man -- he was in love, planned to go to university and had hopes and dreams of a bright future. Except that Rami now lives in fear under the brutal totalitarian control of the Islamic State. Our Associate Producer Ghalia Bdiwe tells us about getting to know Rami and the relationship they developed over the past four months.