How to force ethics on the food industry

On March 16, 2013 Michael Mudd breaks his silence for the first time and writes an editorial in the New York Times titled ‘How to Force Ethics on the Food Industry’.

In it he writes, “So when it’s time to pick the guilty party out of the police lineup, the food industry cries foul whenever critics point to it. ‘Hey,' the industry complains, ‘why pick on us when everybody in the lineup is guilty?’

But that’s not true. Everybody in this lineup of cumulative social and environmental changes may have played a role in the growth of obesity, but none are culpable the way the big food processors and soft drink companies are.

The industry is guilty because it knew what the consequences of its actions might be… It’s time to end the charade and mandate the needed change that the industry has refused to make.” Read the full article below :