How to be a donor

In Canada, there are about 2,000 organs transplanted every year.  But for a variety of reasons, organ donor rates in this country lag behind the United States and Europe. More than 4,000 people are on transplant waiting lists, and each year about 300 people die waiting because of a critical shortage of life-saving organs.

Each province and territory has a different way of tracking who wants to become an organ donor.  In many places, there is a way to indicate your intent to donate on your health card, driver’s licence or by signing a donor card.  It is recommended that you talk to your immediate family about your wishes, since usually they will also be asked for approval.

Below are some links for more information about becoming an organ donor:

The Canadian Society of Transplantation:

In British Columbia, there is an online registry for organ donors:

In Quebec, organ donation is coordinated by Transplant Quebec:

In Ontario, the Trillium Gift of Life Network oversees organ donations after death You can register your intent online at