Food industry insider warns of ‘national epidemic’ of obesity

Who is Michael Mudd?

Mudd started his career as a reporter and editor at Gannett in Westchester County in New York. Kraft hired him as a speechwriter in 1984 and eventually he went on to become an Executive Vice President at the company.

At Kraft he led the development of several public awareness campaigns about nutrition in response to the growing problem of obesity.

Mudd retired from Kraft in October 2004 and stepped down as the Chairman of the International Food Information Council (IFIC) at the same time.

On April 8, 1999 Michael Mudd is in an auditorium on the 31st floor of the Pillsbury headquarters in Minneapolis making a presentation. Mudd at the time was VP of communications at Kraft.

He faces about a dozen of the most powerful CEOs of food companies in North America, including Coca Cola, Kraft and General Mills.

Obesity has been in the news but this is the first time food executives from rival companies will be hearing about it from a peer who is warning them that if they don’t do something to curb obesity, food companies will be facing lawsuits down the road.

Mudd is standing on a riser, behind a podium and while speaking, presents slides to illustrate details about the rise in obesity and its links to various diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

Above is a video excerpt of that speech, presented by an actor portraying Mudd.

Here is the full text of that speech :