Chef James Smith teaches Ana Ortiz how to make pizza

Chef James Smith is an award-winning chef who teaches cooking at George Brown College's Chef School. His teaching focus is to improve the nutritional makeup of recipes.

He has appeared on the Food Network and has worked with some of the industry’s best chefs--- Jamie Oliver, Nigela Lawson, Christine Cushing and Ana Olsen. James won the Fours Seasons Hotel Award for Excellence in Cooking and has cooked at Toronto’s most prestigious restaurants--- Scaramouche, Truffles, Torch Bistro and Boba--- and has cooked for movie stars Hugh Jackman and Alex Baldwin.

Originally from Australia, James grew up eating meat and potatoes. Never having seen snow, he decided to make a trip to Toronto in 1988. It was during this trip, while staying at a youth hostel, that a fellow traveler of Vietnamese background introduced him to Vietnamese fish soup. James tried the soup and the rest is history. He abandoned his original plan to become an officer in the Royal Australian Airforce and pursued cooking and settled in Toronto.

Chef Jamie Oliver inspired Smith to cook more nutritionally and to realize that doing so didn’t mean abandoning taste.

In the above video Smith teaches Ana Ortiz how to make pizza.

Here are some more recipies Smith prepared for the Breedons :