Carol Todd speaks out on Dutch trial delay for Amanda Todd’s accused tormentor

The man accused of extorting Amanda Todd, the B.C. teenager who later killed herself, has had his trial in the Netherlands delayed for a third time, the fifth estate has learned. 

Aydin Coban faces child pornography production charges and extortion charges not related to Todd in the Netherlands. After a third postponement, these charges will be heard in the Netherlands some time this fall, according to Dutch news reports.

Coban faces five charges in Canada relating to the 15-year-old's suicide in 2012, including extortion, internet luring, criminal harassment and the possession and distribution of child pornography.  These charges are not related to Coban's trial in the Netherlands. He is expected to have an extradition hearing this summer relating to these charges.

Amanda's mother Carol Todd released this statement to the fifth estate:

"It is with discouragement that I respond about yet another postponement to the trial related to Mr Aydin Coban and the charges that have been laid upon him in the Netherlands.  This latest news may push the court decision of extradition further along in the calendar also.

Watching the timeline of events (related to legal representation) that has unfolded in the past month re: Mr Coban has been frustrating.  As of the decisions made today in the Dutch courts, it is my understanding that Mr Coban’s second lawyer, Mr Malevicz is once again representing him.  We can only hope that there will be no further disruptions and the trial will soon begin.

Each and every time we hear about yet another change in the story, it is an emotional break in the path of healing.  I can only imagine the heartache and stress of how the others who were victimized, plus their families may be feeling as they hear the news today of the postponement as they wait for yet another few months.

I send my strength and love to each of the families waiting for this part of the nightmare to be over. I hope that they can continue to gain strength and courage and that they can only hope that there will be justice over time.

Staying strong,

Carol Todd
Amanda’s mom"