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Dawn Paquin and Dwayne Dilleon on a prison visit.
Dawn Paquin

For Dawn Paquin, there is no better escape than the Harlequin romance novels that line her bookcase. She does have a fiancé who writes her flowery poetry. But they can only dream of showing affection for each other, in public. That's because the love of her life, Dwayne Dilleon, is behind bars, serving a 10-to-life sentence for second-degree murder.

Dawn has diligently visited Dilleon in prison for the past eight years. Every two weeks, she spends several hours on a bus run by the John Howard Society of Toronto to make the trip to the Kingston-area prison that Dilleon calls home. Even her friends and family don't understand her utter devotion to him. Dilleon is serving a prison sentence for killing Dawn's ex-husband, the father of three of her children.

The murder took place in Dawn's apartment. She was on the phone with her son when all of a sudden — chaos. "I just heard them fighting, you know, so I'm like oh my God, something's happening," recalls Dawn. "So I hung up and then all of a sudden, it was just, everything was blank." Dilleon was threatening Dawn's ex with a knife. She tried to stop the fight and got caught in the middle. Her ex was stabbed to death. She was also badly injured and still has the scars to prove it.

Despite all this, Dawn has stood by Dilleon's side since the murder. The price she's paid for her devotion to Dilleon is high. She doesn't have custody of any of her five children.

Dilleon could be eligible for parole in 2012. If he's granted parole, Dawn believes they can put the past behind them. "I told him I want him to come home," says Dawn. "I'm waiting for him to come home. You know, that way when he does come home we can just, you know, do what we needed to do, get ready, just leave the city and just start over."

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I have admired Gail Sullivan for the raising of her boys to respect their dad and name a child after him. He never harmed his family and she married him for better or worse and she has managed to keep the family together and not be bitter about life. We aren't here to judge as long as his family loves him, I say fantastic. Seems like they have a special love that alot of people will never experience. Be happy, life is too short to worry about what other people think.

the private investigator i hired to search into my father's death, said mds admitted to the killing in 1981. I wrote him a letter recently as to why he was paid to do this, and loosely who was responsible. I was polite and forgiving and still am. Never got an answer. Thats a whole different world though. I think they should let him go... he's just wasting tax payers money, he's harmless at this point and will probably catch more shit from angry victim's families on the out side, for anyone who has vindictive motives. The people who helped turn him into that, and the powers behind them are the real problem here.

Hana Gartner is becoming the Canadian version of Nancy Grace. She doesn't interview people as much as scold and badger them into getting the responses she needs to sell her story.

part one of Mobsters - Joseph Sullivan

That leadbetter guy is just using her,and he's conning her. Why she wouldn't believe that he beat his ex-GF is beyond me. I'm sure she flipped the bill for his Year Long "Vacation" too when he styed with her. And i'm sure she's not the only one he sends "love letters" to and sends pictures other inmates artwork as "presents". He's probly got several women sending him $ for his canteen and all the other extra's that cost inside. Stupid stupid stupid women is what I say

CA CHA CHA CHA CHINK........why else


I just watched Prison Wives. That was pathetic and that entire family sickens me. Their "Dad" murdered over 30 people. Think about the huge amount of life and love their "Dad" stole from countless others. And to name your son after that disgusting human is evil in itself. Poor kid.

They know where their husbands are every night.

who was joe sullivans girlfriend the time of his arrest? And doesnt he have a daughter by this women, also is this daughter in joe's life?

In reply to a comment from Frank

u might wanna read up on the bell curve related to IQs b4 u embarrass yourself further.

In reply to a comment from heather

this is stupid what you say

As I sometimes point out to people-- the average IQ of a group of people is 100. That means in a large group, 50% have an IQ of 100 or over (and I'm not too sure that means they have the kind of intelligence to cope with life or not) and 50% have less than 100. I would think that the kind of woman who can be easily talked into a life with a criminal hasn't quite got it all there.

oh boy oh boy oh boy !!!
hence ..... there's always hope

She keeps saying his side of the story is so unbelievable. How the heck would she KNOW he's telling the truth. So niave is she.
It makes me sick that she would risk sacrificing her childrens well being for some criminal.

this is my 10th grade global history teacher no joke!!!

Kim is waisting her time. She will probably never get the visa she needs to move to the US. A criminal check will be required on both. He will never be allowed in Canada and Kims will probably be denied from moving to the US because of the charges hes been convicted of. She has children.

I think this interview should be showed in high school. To put a human face to "crime doesn't pay". In this kind of "career", if you don't get life in jail it's because you got shot before they could lock you up. The Don Rizzuto lived a long lfe some will say, but to see his son in jail, his grand son die and to be shot himself. When you look at it from this perspective, Mob life is no fun.

I find it hard to believe that there are women naive enough to get involved with a convicted rapist/killer!!! I believe that they must have no self worth, no self respect, or love for themselves. What a pathetic life they must have to have the need/desire for love from the evil people of the world.

If you didn't want people to find out your past or what's going on in your life, you should have never agreed to be part of the show, you have to concent to something like this not forced into it. Do you honestly think that people whom know you wouldn't never see this on tv? That was totally your decission! So live with ALL of the poor choices you have made so far in life and i hope one day you see the light and realize your children need you!

These women, especially Kim Lutes should be thinking of their children. Imagine bringing a violent sexual predator into their lives. Also she doesn't look like she has a lot of money so to give it to some jerk in jail is just crazy. She should be spending that money on her daughters instead. That is were the real love is, it's right in front of you and all she can do is pine after a man she hardly knows. At 41 she is far too old to be behaving like a fifteen year old in high school!
Sigh, I feel so bad for her kids. Too bad Hanna didn't ask them what they thought.

I dont get it?.Why?.I dont understand thier thought process.

The Devil You Know: Hate the crime, love the con.
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