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There's a new season of Fashion File, coming soon on CBC!

We have a new look, a new flavour, and plenty of new segments to bring the high-octane world of fashion home to you.

The Fashion 101 series explains the basics of the modelling world. Today's top models and experts in the field give us the inside story on Supermodel style, striking a pose, and tips for a fierce runway walk.

Runway For Real is our new makeover series, where we show you how to shop for looks right off the runway for a fraction of the designer prices. Some of the season's biggest collections from Marc Jacobs, Chanel and Alexander McQueen all get the Runway For Real treatment, proving that a little legwork and imagination can get you catwalk looks for less.

Who do the designers look to for inspiration? The Style Icon series highlights some of the biggest names in music, film, and fashion, whose personal style has given them icon status. Watch as we trace each style story from the beginning and breakdown the influence of people like Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker and Steve McQueen, with first person accounts and the analysis of style experts.

This season Fashion File went on location with Fashion Magazine to Miami, to shoot the trends for an editorial inspired by the 1984 film "Overboard". Mixing high fashion with the drama happening behind the scenes, our coverage makes for a sexy and fun series in the Florida sun.

All that, plus our unequalled coverage of the season's biggest collections, celebrity trends, and fashion news, all this coming this fall on CBC!


Fashion File on Hiatus

Fashion File is no longer in production. However, if you have any thoughts or comments, or want to know more about the show, please contact CBC Audience Relations.

LG Fashion Week Day 4


Aime Luxury Je T'Aime

To a soundtrack of whimsical French pop, Aime Luxury designer Monica Mei presented her "seasonless" 2009 collection very aptly named, "Paris Je T'Aime".  An unconventional hybrid of classically Parisian themes (bib collars, ruffles, chiffon, a very 'Chanel' colour palette) mixed in with futuristic elements (metallics, piping, volume in the right places) made for a refreshing combination at Toronto Fashion week.





NADA Get's With the Times

Toronto native Nada Shepherd has been designing clothes for the past 9 years and wanted to take a very different approach this season. "The line is usually pretty feminine but this season we went a little bit harsher with the styling", -and harsher it was.  As our interview progressed in a quiet corner of the backstage dressing room, I had a glimpse of her models out of the corner of my eye -hair pulled back tight, pale-faced, blocked out brows, black lips, chains, leather and feathers and I was immediately reminded of Rick Owens' creatures of the night.  Not something your regular 30-45 year old woman (as she said her brand caters to) would wear, but would be more suited for the younger, fashion forward set.  It was obvious this collection was a huge departure from her previous one where she showed flow-y caftan dresses in bright bold colours.  This season, her inspiration was the idea of a dark futuristic world. "It's not a feel-good collection.  It's called 'Utopia' but it's a dark utopia, it's more of a 'dis-topia'.  I asked people to kind of put themselves into the future where science and technology has given us everything we think we've wanted as humans but there's sort of a consequence for that".  The dark theme of this collection only prompted the inevitable question of whether the recession had anything to do with her final product.  "[The recession] is global.  This is a big deal. With that said, there's still an optimism there.  Yeah it's dark, but there's that light at the end of the tunnel".  Not limited to this collection, designers are coming to a very ironic conclusion, "I realized people are not going to buy the basic wool pant from me.  Who are you kidding?  They're going to buy it from the Gap, they're going to buy it at H&M, they're going to buy it from companies that could do it for a lot less, so I decided to take the other tack and just go the other way and do pieces that aren't 'easy', in the sense that they're everyday staples.  They're special pieces, they're unique pieces".  And the outcome?  Innovative fabrics (the glossy leggings in several of her looks are not PVC but are in fact, a stretch leather), an incredible beauty look (my favourite so far this week), and something many Canadian designers lack in their collections -risk.








Photos courtesy Jess Baumung

Ed Hardy

I'm not exactly a fan of this brands garish aesthetic, and one might even question its place at a "fashion" event, but I must say that Ed Hardy's Swim and Snow collection was definitely entertaining and was a great way to conclude the evening!  Rail thin beauties stomped down the runway in bikinis and cut-out swim suits bearing that distinctive graphic that actually didn't seem so gaudy in this context.  And if you're wondering how a show with such contrasting themes (winter/summer) gets styled, it was exactly how you would imagine -a bikini-clad model wearing ski goggles and a brawny male model in a speedy holding a snow board were a few of the runway looks.

dd 123.jpg

dd 121.jpg

dd 128.jpg

dd 137.jpg

dd 153.jpg

Get the beauty look:     Ed Hardy Swim and Snow

L'Oreal Paris' official hair artist and colourist Eric Del Monaco and the official makeup artist and artistic director for LG Fashion Week Beauty, Eddie Malterre, shows us how to get the Ed Hardy Swim and Snow runway beauty looks.


dd 111.jpg

 "This look is very nice, it's very fresh.  We're just taking a straightening iron, we're just going to make it very straight and very clean but instead of just taking the iron and going straight down, we're going to take it and iron it in all different angles so when she walks down the runway it'll have a veiled effect, it's not just going to hang there, it's going to flow.  It's so easy to do!"

STEP 1: Start with clean, dry hair.  Apply a small amount of L'Oreal Special FX Studio Architect Wax to the hair which will protect the hair from the heat of the straightening iron.

dd 089.jpg

dd 099.jpg

STEP 2: Use a hair clip to separate your hair into quarters.  Take approximately 2 inch wide strands of hair and starting from the root, flat iron the hair pulling each strand in different directions rather than just straight down.

dd 093.jpg

dd 096.jpg

dd 101.jpg

STEP 3:  When completed, use a small amount of L'Oreal Studio Mineral FX Gel Cream and emulsify it between your hands.  Pat the product into the ends of your hair.  For longer wear, apply a bit of hairspray instead.

dd 097.jpg

dd 098.jpg


dd 113.jpg

dd 088.jpg

Eric's hair tip for transitioning from winter into spring:  "If your using any kind of a heated tool you should get some kind of a protector cream, spray, anything to protect against the heat of the blow dryer.  You can use a bit of hairspray or the architect wax."  


dd 112.jpg

"We wanted it to look very feminine, very glamour with lots of emphasis on the eyes but with a beautiful frosty glow on the face and the cheekbones are fresh cheekbones and lips look like there is a pout."

dd 084.jpg

Skin: Use true match foundation and powder all over face.  For blush, apply a light peach colour to the apples of your cheeks.  Use L'Oreal's pearl eye shadow as a highlight under your eyes and above your cheekbones for a frosty look.

dd 070.jpg

Eyes: Using L'Oreal HIP Metallic eye shadow black and silver duo, apply the darker shade on the outer eye lid and then apply the silver on the inner half of the lid, blending the two shades together in the center.  Apply black liquid eyeliner on the top eye lid and black mascara on the top and bottom eye lashes.  Apply the same eye shadows on the bottom eyelid for a smoky effect.  

dd 075.jpg

Lips: Use L'Oreal Colour Rich lipstick in shade 339 or any pale pink lipstick. Apply a coat of clear lip gloss on top.
dd 078.jpg

For an everyday look, Eddie suggests toning down the eyes by using the eye shadows as an eye liner instead of applying to the entire eye lid.  

End Result:

dd 071.jpg

dd 114.jpg

Eddie's makeup tip for transitioning from winter into spring:
"Have two foundations, one a bit darker and one a bit lighter.  Our skin always changes so it's good to play with two foundations.  Sometimes you buy a foundation and think 'oh, it's too light', but keep it and buy one a little bit darker and you can blend it together."
Seen and Heard:

Adrian interviewing Ruffian designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais.  The duo, along with's Nicole Phelps were in town to promote their new book "Ruffian: Inside Out"

dd 022.jpg

dd 051.jpg

The woman behind the brilliant show reviews, Nicole Phelps

dd 028.jpg

Nicole's amazing gold snakeskin shoes

dd 026.jpg

Adrian introducing the designers and their models wearing pieces from Ruffian's Fall 09 collection

dd 037.jpg

The amazing beauty look from NADA's runway show

dd 056.jpg

Model Amanda Laine spotted backstage having some difficulty trying to remove the said beauty look

dd 109.jpg

A fashion week attendee sporting a unique self-made head piece

dd 159.jpg

Adrian interviewing designer Carlton Brown before his show

dd 053.jpg

I spotted Young & the Restless' Dr. Olivia Winters (actress Tonya Lee Williams) in the crowd

dd 116.jpg

L'Oreal's infamous Elnett hairspray spotted backstage.  L'Oreal's official hair artist Eric Del Monaco informed me that this will finally be available in Canada this fall.  

dd 108.jpg

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LG Fashion Week Day 3

Waiting For Gaudet

Norm and Gio Gaudet's show opened the tent at Nathan Phillip's Square on Day Three of LG Fashion Week with Audio Bully's technicolour remix of Nancy Sinatra's Shot Me Down.  A wardrobe of outerwear focused on bringing colour and life back to winter. Perfect for the 44th parallel where winter lasts for the better part of the year.
Textile: The key element in this collection, Gaudet used hand pulled felted wool featuring: embroidery, abstract and floral silk appliqués, and a subtle tulle overlay.  Clean and well executed without being fussy (considering all the details).


Silhouette: A body-con collection in all the right ways. The cut is made for everywoman, but the colour is not for everday. The shape was forgiving and sweet - nipped waists with circle skirts and ¾ length A-line cuts were predominant.


Colours: canary yellows, powder blues, rust and sepia tones.  The inspiration came from a blanket of wildflowers seen on a visit to Gio's native Georgia.

Style notes: Belts for all!  Dropped hem coats (reminiscent of the skirts in Marni's SS 2008 collection), chain and cluster necklaces from H&M (the chains were a bit Givenchy lite?), and finally liquid leggings and skinny pants that weren't quite skinny enough.  Overall, a collection of beautifully finished coats - though the details in the styling left something to be desired.

Comrags: Our lovely Mess

Coming out of their 25th year - this collection was made for the Comrags girl - one that is never quite right, but is never quite wrong and knows what she wants.



Textile: The first half of the collection was all about tweeds and tartans. Worn layered together, or over jersey and lace - it certain was a lovely mess.  After all the great separates came the dresses - in beautifully crumpled nylon taffeta.


Silhouette: Something for everyone.  The silhouettes were the usual suspects: blouses, cardigans, oversized oxfords, shirtdresses, and sumptuous wide leg trousers that added more length to the already lean Amazons strutting down the runway.  The dresses were mainly shifty, though they did play with some volume and nipping of the midsection.


Colour: The separates at the beginning of the show were individually muted (rust, brown, grey and black), but the colours and textures layered together to create a more interesting look. It was very refreshing to see the jewel toned dresses in the second act of the show (sapphire blue, raspberry, poison ivy green).

Style notes: A great choice in the John Fluevog shoes, ankle socks and undone hair.  Perfectly in line with the natural beauty of Comrags, for the slightly awkward/cool girl who wears her curly hair au naturel.

Andy Thê-Anh: Did you say recession?

Staying true to himself, Andy produced another sleek and sophisticated collection of wearable dresses and separates.



Textile: yards of silk, velvet, fur, and pounds of Swarovski crystals were used to create the FW 2009 collection, who said we were in a recession?

Silhouette: It was all about the legs - mini skirts, fitted maxi dresses, oversized blazers worn alone, all paired with Swarovski bejewelled leggings (Oh hey there, McQueen SS09)


The colour palette began in the gold/bronze and brown family.  Chartreuse and more vibrant hits of green unleashed the other colours in the box - with canary yellow, rich reds, and fuschia all mixing with gold and black anchors.

Style notes: obi belts served to highlight the waist and provide a sharpness to contrast all the ruffles, and intricate folding on the dresses.  

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The Heart Truth


Fun, fabulousness, and heart health were the themes at the 2009 Heart Truth fashion show last night. The usual models sat this one out and instead, some of the nations most celebrated women strutted their stuff down the runway. Marilyn Denis, Sass Jordan, Amy Sky and Natalie Brown were some of the celeb models that took part. The red dress looks were contributed by some of the country's top designers including Pink Tartan, Greta Constantine, Joeffer Caoc, Evan Biddell, Pat McDonagh, Carlie Wonge and David Dixon. And we're happy to report that there were no spills this season!

day2 598.jpg

day2 630.jpg

day2 635.jpg

day2 623.jpg

day2 621.jpg

day2 614.jpg

day2 618.jpg

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