Clothes For Sophistofunks, Aristocats...

André Benjamin, better known as André3000, has a reputation for being one of the most stylish rappers in hip hop, so when this rapper decides to start his own clothing line, it makes sense.  On Tuesday night, André Benjamin paid a visit to Holt Renfrew on Bloor Street in Toronto to launch his Spring/Summer 2009 Benjamin Bixby menswear collection.  Aside from being part of the acclaimed rap duo Outkast, André Benjamin the designer is now receiving praise from fashion's rank and file.  Earlier this year, he was a finalist in the CFDA's Best New Menswear Designer category. Quite a feat, considering the current success rate of the conventional celeb-turned-designer endeavours.  This is Benjamin's second collection which he said was inspired by "colonial India".  The collection focuses on clean, tailored looks mixed with a safari-like flair and a colour palette that reflects the natural desert landscape of India.

bbixby 008.jpg

bbixby 009.jpg

bbixby 010.jpg

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André Benjamin saying a few words about the collection.  He said his favourite piece of the collection was the shirt he was wearing -the over-dyed button down oxford.  What a great colour on him!

bbixby 039.jpg

bbixby 042.jpg

bbixby 050.jpg

bbixby 055.jpg

...and we can't forget a close up of his shoes -very apropos for the rainy weather that evening:

bbixby 045.jpg

The atmosphere:

bbixby 002.jpg

bbixby 065.jpg

bbixby 024.jpg

bbixby 016.jpg

Holt Renfrew's VP of menswear Lanita Layton introduces Benjamin.

bbixby 037.jpg

And lastly, some of the fashionable party attendees:

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