Farm Crime series trailer

Posted on Aug 17, 2018

Farm Crime is a true crime documentary series with a unique twist.

Each episode examines a case that wouldn’t typically make the front page. Instead of tales of murder, assault or violent home invasion, the series explores unconventional crimes that take place in the margins — the fields, farms and secretive small towns that dot the Canadian countryside.

Disappearing truckloads of blueberries. Millions of stolen bees. Herds of rustled cattle. These are farm crimes — indictable offences that exact a real toll on largely rural victims who don’t always get their due. Farm Crime investigates their stories with cunning curiosity, speaking directly with the fascinating people who populate these worlds, seeking answers, closure and justice.

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Cattle Cops

A ranch hand rustles 50 head of cattle from his employer, and the RCMP’s special livestock section is called in to track down the thief and recover the herd.

Hive Heist

When five million bees are stolen from one of Quebec’s most storied beekeeping families, the victims launch their own investigation into the biggest bee theft in Canadian history.

George of Green Gables

In the midst of personal tragedy, a Prince Edward Island oysterman faces an attack on his livelihood.

Pigeon Pincher

An entire flock of fancy pigeons disappear and their keeper turns to his inner circle for answers.

Black Market Butcher

Young free-range farmers in Nova Scotia are targeted by a brazen thief who butchers stolen animals on site.


After thieves steal a $100K truckload of blueberries, the owner of the targeted transport yard fights to keep his business alive while police investigate using a novel approach.