The Red Queen's Christmas Stocking

Red-Queen-Stocking-J-260x260.jpgShe's ill-tempered and lets her power go to her head (hence the fact it's three times its normal size). And say nothing of her peculiar habits -- such as warming her feet on a pig's belly. Fair to say the Red Queen is not your most endearing character. Still, the woman has style. Witness her snazzy boots and hosiery. Inspired by her flare for fashion, this Christmas stocking is a festive fit for Wonderland and Underland fans alike.

You'll need:

  • Template for The Red Queen's Christmas Stocking
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Tape
  • Black felt, two 12-inch squares
  • Gold lace fabric, two 15-inch squares
  • 2/3 yard black-and-white cotton checkered racing flag fabric with squares that measure 1.5 inches or larger, washed and dried **
  • Air-drying permanent fabric adhesive (Aleen's Fabric Fusion works well)
  • Disposable craft gloves
  • Plastic knife or wooden craft stick
  • Pinch-style clothespins
  • Black and red sticky-back felt
  • Black grosgrain ribbon
  • Sewing Needle and black thread

** This novelty fabric is readily available in many large department and fabric stores. Be sure to wash it beforehand, otherwise the sizing on the new fabric may prevent the adhesive from holding.


1. Print out the template and cut out the pieces. Tape the upper and lower boot pieces together, as shown. Then use the assembled template to cut two full boot shapes from black felt. Note: you can cut two boots at once by stacking the felt squares and sticking the template pattern to the top layer with pieces of rolled tape.

2. Next, cut a larger pair of boot shapes from the gold lace fabric. Use the same template piece you used for the felt boots and simply cut the fabric an inch from the edge of the paper all the way around, as shown.

3. From the checkered fabric, cut two 12-inch squares and stack them with the good sides facing out. Use the boot template to cut out two fabric boots, this time snipping along the inner edge of the template line so that they are slightly smaller than the felt boots. You'll use these to line the inner sides of the boot pieces later.

4. Next, cut a larger pair of boot shapes from the gold lace fabric. Use the same template piece you used for the felt boots and simply cut the fabric an inch from the edge of the paper all the way around, as shown.

5. Apply another thin line of adhesive along the boot edge atop the glued-down lace and place one of the checkered boot liners on top, matching up all the edges. Press down on the fabric edges to stick them in place.

6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the remaining boot pieces, but this time face the toe of the boot in the opposite direction. Set both of the lined boot pieces aside until the adhesive dries (generally about 2 hours).

7. Meanwhile, fashion the stocking. Cut an 11- by 22-inch piece from the checkered fabric, using the bound edge of the fabric for one of the longer edges. Place the fabric on a flat surface with the longer edges at the sides, and then fold it in half from top to bottom so that the good side is showing. Use fabric adhesive to glue the two layers together along the side and bottom edges. Allow the adhesive to set for 15 minutes or so.

8. Now create the stocking cylinder by folding the sides of the fabric toward the center, overlapping them with the bound edge on top. Adjust the fabric so that the cylinder width is 4.75 inches at the bottom and 5.5 inches at the top. Then glue the overlapped edges together.

9. When the adhesive is dry, place the back boot piece lace side down on a flat surface. Set the checkered stocking on top (with the glued seam face down), as shown, so that the lower edge extends 3 inches below the boot top. (Note: the lower stocking should be just a bit narrower than the boot top.) Glue the side edges of the stocking to the boot.

10. Now apply a line of glue along the side and bottom edges of the back boot as well as atop the side edges of the stocking. Set the top felt boot lace side up atop the back boot and stocking, and firmly press the layers together all along the glued edges. Attach clothespins to the glued-together edges to hold them firmly in place until the adhesive dries. For the best results, let it cure overnight.

11. Use the template pieces to cut out a bunch of hearts from red sticky-back felt and spades from black sticky-back felt. Press the hearts onto the black stocking squares and the spades onto the white squares (this is a fun step for kids).

12. Finally, fold a piece of ribbon in half to create a hanging loop and stitch the ends to the upper stocking. For the finishing touch, create a bootstrap by wrapping another piece of ribbon around the neck of the boot, as shown, and stitching the ends together.

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