Jack Skellington Tabletop Snowman


During Halloween season, you'll find the Pumpkin King dressed in his standard black garb -- if not disguised as a squash-headed scarecrow. But come Christmastime, he's apt to lighten things up a bit by trading his pinstriped jacket and bat-shaped bow tie for a snowsuit and scarf. This tabletop snowman and his bright-nosed canine cohort are just the pair to get everyone in the Skellington holiday spirit.

You'll need:

  • Template for Jack Skellington Tabletop Snowman
  • Tall empty white plastic lotion or shampoo bottle with the labels peeled off (the one shown here is about 8 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide)
  • Sticky-back felt (white and black)
  • Glue dots
  • 3 buttons
  • 10 white twist-ties
  • Green felt
  • Old glove
  • Green ribbon


1. First, create a pair of Skellington snowman arms. For each one, attach five white twist-tie skeleton fingers to the end of a black pipe cleaner by wrapping a white pipe cleaner around the overlapped ends, as shown, and then trimming the end of the white pipe cleaner.

2. Twist the upper arms around the threaded bottleneck. Then use glue dots to stick the shoulder portion of each arm to the sloped bottle top. Bend the arms at the elbow and the fingers at the knuckles.

3. Now print the template and use it to cut the pieces from the specified colors of felt.

4. Use the black marker to draw a Skellington smile and nose on one of the felt head pieces. Then stick the felt eyes in place.

5. Bunch together 3 white pipe cleaners. Stick the two felt head pieces (back-to-back) to the pipe cleaners about an inch or so from the top of the bunch, as shown. Then twist the pipe cleaners together a few times just below the head to create a neck. Insert the long pipe cleaner ends into the bottle.

6. For a scarf, fold a 2- by 12-inch strip of felt in half lengthwise and tie it around the bottleneck. Cut fringe in the ends of the scarf.

7. For a hat, cut a finger from the old glove and roll up the cut edge a couple of times. Fit the hat over the pipe cleaner ends above the head.

8. To make Zero the dog, place the head back piece sticky side up and attach the ears, as shown.

9. Next, stick one of the dog body pieces to the lower neck, overlapping the pieces slightly so the side edges match up, as shown.

10. Set the second body piece atop the first, and then press the matching head piece in place (sticky-side down).

11. Color on black eyes and a red nose, and then tie a green ribbon bow around Zero's neck. Now simply stand up the finished dog by slightly separating the two body pieces.