Throw a Disney Villain Halloween Party


Let Disney's villains -- from Peter Pan's arch enemy, Captain Hook, to Princess Ariel's tentacled nemesis, Ursula -- heap creepiness on your Halloween. Haunt your holiday with tricky treats, frightening favors and ghastly games from Disney's dastardly evil-doers.

A Treacherous Tablescape

Poison Apple Cookies: Re-create Snow White's first night in the forest with squares of sod, found inexpensively at your local nursery, to make a grassy table topper. Gather branches and fall leaves for a windswept look and scatter about these Snow White's Frightful Forest Eyes to double as both table decorations and dessert. Platters of Poison Apple Cookies washed down with hot apple cider also evoke seasonal spirit. Use a flock of Maleficent's Spooky Ravens as your placecards, inscribing guests' names with a yellow Sharpie. For your centerpiece, fashion a foreboding Tabletop Dragon kids can help embellish.

Make Snow White's Frightful Forest Eyes
Make Poison Apple Cookies
Make Maleficent's Spooky Ravens
Make Tabletop Dragon

More Scary Sweets

Ursula's Octopus Cupcakes: Bake and frost these undulating undersea treats in advance, then set out bowls of decorative candy and let kids top their own as a party "craftivity." You can even send them home as favors "floating" in clear plastic jewel boxes (found in craft stores) lined with waxed paper and a layer of shredded coconut tinted with blue food coloring. Another villainous option is the Captain Hook Cake (pictured above). Purchase some hooks at your local hardware store and use them to anchor black helium balloons hovering above your table.

Make Ursula's Octopus Cupcakes
Make a Captain Hook Cake

"Poisonous" Party Games

Maleficent's Horns: Trace and cut the pieces for the evil witch's horned crown and let party guests assemble and decorate their own. Stage a musical chairs game, where, one by one, odd men out have to put their crowns on. Then play a game of bobbing for the one red "poison" apple among a tub of green ones. Challenge players to keep their crowns on, hands-free. Present the winners with Halloweentown's bug-eating Oogie Boogie Monster, crafted of green felt.

Make Maleficent's Horns

Oogie Boogie Monster: Looking a bit like a lime green potato sack and hailing from Halloween Town, Oogie Boogie has an insatiable appetite for bugs. Made in his likeness, this bright green monster is great as a creepy party favor or prize.

Make Oogie Boogie Monster

The Invitation

Who's The Fairest Of Them All Party Invitation: Print your invitation on a piece of heavy white card stock, using a Gothic font and blood red ink. Cut a sheet of heavy-duty aluminum foil the same size as the card. Using a sharp point (such as a bamboo skewer) imprint the reflective side of the foil with the words, "Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?" Tape the inscribed foil upside down and backward to the card stock, so that when guests lift the foil to read the invitation, they'll be looking at their own images through the words.