Sharpay's Locker Door Décor


How do you describe Sharpay Evans? She's a drama queen and a talented singer, crafty yet compassionate, and perfectly willing to take a little artistic license when the occasion calls for it. And if that means dropping a letter from her favorite word so it will fit on the plate of her pink Mustang, so be it. This sparkly replica of Sharpay's license plate makes a fabulous locker door decoration -- minus the "O."

You'll need:


1. Print out the template, and cut out the larger rectangle. Use the cutout as a pattern for cutting a license plate frame out of silvery scrapbook paper.

2. Now cut out the inner rectangle and use it as a pattern for cutting out a license plate from white scrapbook paper. Center the white plate on top of the silvery frame and glue it in place.

3. Finally, use the template letters to cut out the word FABULUS from red scrapbook paper. Center the red letters atop the plate and glue them in place.

4. Use glue dots to stick silver button bolts to the face of the plate.

5. Finally, apply strips of magnetic tape to the back of the plate.