Tiana's Tiara

Tiana-Tiara-Princess-Frog-Craft-photo-260-CLittlefield-049.jpgWhen Tiana borrowed a tiara from Charlotte to wear to the costume ball, little did she know how greatly that single favor would change her fate. Once Naveen the frog spotted the sparkly headpiece, he thought she was the princess whose kiss would let him shed his spotted skin. Fashioned from sparkly beads and glittery craft foam, this fancy crown is as dazzling as the one Tiana donned.

You'll need:

  • Tiana's Tiara template
  • Scissors
  • White sticky-back glitter craft foam
  • 3 white pipe cleaners
  • Clear plastic beads (with center holes large enough to fit a pipe cleaner through)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Headband


1. Print the template and use it as a pattern for cutting out two matching tiara bases from the craft foam.

2. Bend each of the pipe cleaners in half to form an upside down V-shape. Thread six beads onto each end of one pipe cleaner, sliding them up against the bend. Thread four beads onto one end of another pipe cleaner, again sliding them up to the bend. Then join this pipe cleaner to the first one by twisting the ends together below the beads, as shown. Do the same with the third pipe cleaner.

Step 2

3. Thread four more beads onto each of the middle two pipe cleaner ends and then twist them together, as shown, to form a center diamond of beads.

Step 3

4. Finally, thread four more beads onto the two pipe cleaner ends extending from the sides of the diamond and eight beads onto the outer two pipe cleaner ends. Trim the ends so that they extend about an inch beyond the last beads.

5. Peel the backing off of one of the tiara bases and place the craft foam sticky side up. Press the ends of the beaded pipe cleaners onto the felt, spreading them equally apart, as shown.

Step 5

6. Peel the backing off the second tiara base and press the foam sticky side down onto the first piece, sandwiching the pipe cleaner ends between them.

7. Hot glue the lower edge of the tiara base to the headband, and the tiara is ready to wear.

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