Tangram Puzzle Card


Growing up in China, Mulan would have spent many an hour playing with Tangrams, an ancient paper puzzle created by cutting a square into 7 geometric shapes that can be arranged into all sorts of interesting images. Like a sassy cat, for instance, that sits pretty on a homemade card for Mom or Grandma.

You'll need:


1. Print the templates. Cut out the pieces and trace them onto a sheet of scrapbook paper. Cut out the tracings.

2. Fold an 8 by 12-inch piece of contrasting scrapbook paper, and fold it in half to make a card.

3. Arrange the tangram puzzle pieces, as shown, to create a cat on the face of the card. Glue the pieces in place. Then cut out two pink paper triangles for the cat's inner ears and glue them in place. Step 3

4. Use the markers or stickers to add the greeting To the Purr-fect Mom. (Note: If you've used a dark shade of scrapbook paper for your card, glue a small piece of lighter paper to one corner and print the words on it.)

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