Ribbons and Roses Hair Ties

tangled-ribbons-and-roses-craft-photo-260x260-mbecker-005.jpgOutside her tower, Rapunzel's very long hair can get in her way. Good thing she finds some children to help her braid it with ribbons and flowers! Craft these colorful ribbons and roses hair ties, and you can tie your hair into a beautiful braid, just like Rapunzel's!

You'll need:

  • Ribbons and Roses Hair Ties template
  • Thick elastic hair tie, in a neutral color
  • Green felt
  • Felt in two coordinating hues, like light and dark pink
  • 3 pieces of ribbon, each 18-24 inches in length
  • Low-temperature hot glue gun

(These supplies make one hair tie.)


1. Print the template and cut out the pieces. Trace the template onto the green felt and cut out two leaf shapes and one oval. Set aside.

2. Cut two 4-inch strips of colored felt in each of the coordinating colors. Each strip should be 1 inch wide. Lay the strips in front of you.

3. Now, place a thin line of hot glue the length of the felt and fold the top edge of the felt down to meet the bottom edge. Repeat with the second strip of felt.

4. Place a line of glue along the length of the folded felt strip and roll it tightly, creating a rosebud. Repeat with the second folded strip.

5. You now have 2 small felt rosebuds. Place a dot of glue on the side of one rosebud and press the two rosebuds together, side-by-side. The folded side of the rosebud should face up.

6. Take the two green-felt leaves and glue them together with the rounded sides overlapping. Put a dot of glue on the bottom of the joined rosebuds and press these on top of the leaves.

7. Now, glue the three lengths of ribbon to the elastic band. Wrap the end of each ribbon around the band and secure with a dot of glue. Make sure the ribbons are lined up so that they overlap slightly.

8. Lay the roses on the table with the leaf side facing up. Put a line of glue on the leaves and then place the elastic on top. Make sure the ribbons are hanging down under the leaves.

9. Glue the green felt oval on top of the elastic. Let dry.

To Create a Rapunzel Braid:

Pull long hair into a low ponytail using the Ribbons and Roses Hair Tie. The ribbons should hang down under the roses. Now divide the hair into three sections, incorporating one ribbon into each section. Braid as usual. Tie off the end of the braid with a simple thin elastic.

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