Make Your Outfit Spy-Worthy

One day in 7th grade, a friend and I were walking home from school and heard a loud noise around the corner. My friend used a compact mirror and held it perpendicularly to a window to see around the corner. I thought it was so cool, and I have always loved the idea of using stuff around the house as spy gear. For this outfit, I added spy gear to a basic boy's blazer to make it super-useful in any spy situation - but you can do it with a girl's jacket, too!

You'll need:

Boy's blazer
Pocket-sized mirror
Ink pad
Magnetic pointer

1. Add a mirror to the inside of the jacket to use for sending S.O.S. signals.

2. I also tucked a Morse Code chart into the inside pocket. (As an additional activity, kids can come up with their own secret code and make a chart of it.)

3. A calculator tucked into another pocket can serve as a secret "batphone" to call homebase. A magnetic extendable pointer up one sleeve allows a would-be spy to pick up metal treasures and clues.

4. Add a stack of business-card sized paper and an ink pad. Kids can press one of the blazer buttons (which usually have neat designs like anchors and eagles) into the ink and then to one the cards, to serve as their secret spy insignia/calling card.

P.S. I highly recommend coming up with a spy name to keep really under cover