Alien Invasion Masks

The "aliens" in Race to Witch Mountain look like normal kids - but this fun activity will turn a normal kid into an awesome alien!

These creatures come in peace! As party guests arrive, let them launch right into action with a mask-making project. We created ours with glow-in-the-dark craft foam and stickers so we could dim the lights and set an otherworldly mood (you could also use fluorescent materials, then switch on a black light).

Black plastic masks (available at craft and party stores
Green craft foam (1 sheet per mask)
Craft knife
Double-sided foam tape (we like Duck brand mounting tape)
Black permanent marker
Duct tape
Ping-Pong balls
Pipe cleaners
Googly eyes (1 inch in diameter)
Glow-in-the-dark stickers

1. Cut out craft foam headpieces with scissors so that they are slightly wider than the mask and approximately twice as tall. Click here to print out a mask template. 

2. Line up the mask at the bottom of the headpiece and trace the eye openings onto the craft foam with a marker. Using the craft knife, cut out the eyeholes.

3. Use foam tape to attach a headpiece to the front of each mask. (Some brands of foam tape work better than others; if yours isn't sticking well, duct tape works too.)

4. Draw and cut out alien ears, including a tab on the inside edge as shown so you can tape the ears to the back of the headpieces. Click here to print out the alien ears template.

5. With a pushpin, poke a hole into each Ping-Pong ball. 

Article reprinted courtesy of Disney FamilyFun