Mousehunt Paper Mouse


When a mouse takes over the house they inherited from their father, Lars and Ernie do everything they can think of to catch it. This fun craft gives you a mouse of your own named Gus who you can find whenever you need to! 

Made from paper, the image can be easily, and temporarily, attached to any baseboard with rolled pieces of tape or removable glue dots.

You'll need:

Gus' Mouse Hole Template
Craft or scrapbook paper (tan, yellow, pink, black, gray, and green)
Glue stick
Fine-tipped marker (red and black)
Tape or removable glue dots


1. Print the template and use it to cut out the shapes from the specified colors of paper.

2. Glue the eyes from the template onto the mouse piece and color the nose red. Then glue on the shirt, as shown.

3. Next, glue the ear in place. Draw on a smile and other distinguishing lines, as shown.

4. Glue the black mouse hole to the gray base, matching the left edges but allowing the base to extend past the edge of the black paper on the right side. (This will create the illusion of depth.) Glue the completed Gus onto the left corner of the mouse hole, so it appears as though he is peeking out.

5. Using rolled pieces of tape or removable glue dots, attach the assembled mouse hole to a baseboard in your house.

6. For the finishing touch, glue the side edges of the two hat pieces together and then draw on a wrinkle line a little ways from the top. Set the paper hat on the floor in front of the mouse hole.