Spy Kids Intel Briefing


Looking for a fun activity to get the kids in the mood for a fun-filled evening watching Spy Kids and saving the world? 

This is a simple game that shows the world from a new perspective: above.

First, search the Internet for overhead maps of places your kids know (your house, their school, etc.). Then, print out the maps and place them in a folder - mark the outside with the words "TOP SECRET" in red.

Then, tell the kids you've been tracking an enemy agent, and that you've got satellite photographs that should lead you to where they are. 

Start with the image that's furthest away from your house (a vacation spot, perhaps), and work your way back to your own home! 

If you want to get extra-sneaky, you can even write the name(s) of the enemy agent(s) in invisible ink on a secret note. Just take some lemon juice, write your kids' names on a piece of paper, and when it's time to reveal the truth, get them to hold it close to a hot lightbulb or over a candle (carefully). Their names will magically appear!

And by the time they figure out that they ARE the "enemy agent," it should be just about time to settle down and watch Spy Kids on CBC.