Toilet Paper Roll Bolt

In honour of the great TV superhero Bolt, why not make your own superdog out of an old toilet paper roll!

What You'll Need

Toilet Paper Rolls (Without Toilet Paper on Them!)
Some Plastic Googly Eyes
Construction Paper (White, Brown, Black and Pink, or Whatever Colours You're Into)
Safety Scissors

How To Make Your Puppy

Cut out some legs, a face, floppy ears, and a tail from the construction paper (white if you're making Bolt, brown or another colour if it's a different dog). Then use some pink construction paper for a tongue and a nose, or use black for the nose if that works better.

Once you've got all the pieces, start gluing!

First, wrap the whole toilet paper roll in your chosen colour. Then you can attach the face to the front end of the toilet roll, and the tail to the back. Then throw the legs on, attach the googly eyes and nose to the face front, and add the floppy ears on to the side of the face.

Once everything's attached, you can add one more touch - Bolt's bolt! Just draw a black lightning bolt on the side, and you've got the perfect companion for your Bolt-watching evening!