Storytime Pasta Crafts


Bedtime stories are more fun when they're created together. Before you watch Bedtime Stories and find out how Skeeter and the kids come up with their stories, why not think up some stories of your own, and bring them to life with crafts!

What You'll Need

Thick Paper
Pastas (elbow pasta, bowties, alphabet pasta, tubes)
Kids' Glue

Let The Story Begin

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there lived a very special family. They were good and kind, and they spent every Sunday together having fun.

But then out of nowhere a big dragon came along and tried to ruin their day. It was a scary-looking dragon, and it was always breathing fire and bothering people by burning the things they owned.

All the bravest knights in the land tried to defeat the dragon, but everyone who tried ended up getting hurt and having to go home empty-handed.

Now that the dragon was trying to make family Sunday into a toasty and uncomfortable affair, it was up to the kids to defeat the monster and save everyone.

Use your crayons and pasta to show how you'll defeat the dragon, save Family Sunday, and make it safe to watch Bedtime Stories!