Sled Dog Painting Party

While you gear up for Antarctic adventures with Jerry and his faithful sled dogs in Eight Below (Sunday, February 27th at 5pm on CBC!), why not create your own team of sled dogs to pull you through a winter weekend?

What You'll Need

Thick paper
A watercolour paint set
Some brushes
Water for brush cleaning
Paper towel for cleanup

Sled Ahead!

First, paint your team of dogs, and the sled they're going to pull. Don't forget to put yourself into the picture! You'd better bundle yourself up warm, because it gets cold in the mountains.

When you've got your picture together, name your dogs, and tell the story of their personalities. Just like people, some sled dogs are fun-loving, some are sleepy, and some love to eat too much food. Who are your dogs?

Then, tell the story of your sledding adventure. Where did your dogs take you? What happened on the way? Just imagine how far you could go with your very own team of brave sled dogs.

With your picture and your story ready to go, you can settle down and see how Jerry Shephard's dogs make their way through their adventure in Eight Below!