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The Canadian Broadcasting Centre is located at 250 Front Street West, Toronto, with two additional entrances at 25 John Street and 205 Wellington Street West.

Event Services

CBC Event Coordinators will help plan all details of your event from security to scenic décor, and offer helpful suggestions on how to best utilize our spaces. Event Coordinators will coordinate and oversee all CBC services and arrange necessary internal approvals, as well as recommend outside suppliers and assist in coordinating these services.


A fully outfitted coatcheck is available for events on the 10th floor. It is the client's responsibility to provide a coatcheck operator. The coatcheck rooms must be returned to their original condition, otherwise a $500 fee will apply.


CBC Security officers are required for all events at a cost above the base rental fee. A list of attendees maybe required in advance for access to internal facilities.

CBC Cleaning

CBC Cleaning staff is required for all events at a cost above the base rental fee. Cleaning includes a pre-event clean, on-site staff during the event and a post-event clean.

Smoking Policy

The Canadian Broadcasting Centre is a smoke-free building and renters will be asked to advise guests of this policy.


The catering of food and beverages is permitted in all of our rental facilities. Clients can select a caterer from our list of recommended caterers or bring in a reputable outside caterer. Events serving alcohol must have a liquor license or obtain a Special Occasions Permit from the Liquor Control Board of Ontario

Décor, Rigging and Lighting

CBC in-house décor, rigging and lighting services are available at an additional cost. Event Coordinators will provide quotes as per project details. All décor, rigging and lighting services by outside suppliers are subject to approval by CBC's Safety and Building Management departments. Installations must comply with industry and CBC guidelines.

Compressed and Controlled Substances

In all event facilities, the use of compressed gas of any type is prohibited, including catering butane cylinders. Propane ovens may be used outside the building.

Pyrotechnics and Smoke Machines

Pyrotechnics and smoke machines are not allowed in the building due to fire and safety regulations.

Equipment Rental

The Broadcasting Centre offers a wide range of equipment available for rent, including round and rectangular tables, cruiser and bistro tables, chairs, audio equipment, props and scenic décor.


All event deliveries and load-in should be made at 25 John Street, through the large freight elevator, which opens to the street and allows easy access to all event facilities. Motor vehicles cannot be driven into the elevator and must be parked on the street when loading in. Deliveries should NOT be made through CBC's loading dock located at 205 Wellington Street.

All food and beverage deliveries should be made through the back of the prep area, located through a private laneway, which runs perpendicular to Wellington Street.