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Namagoose responds to Northern Gateway news

Haisla Kitimat protest (CBC).jpg

On June 17th the federal government announced that Endbridge's Northern Gateway project could go ahead if the company meets 209 conditions, some of which relate to First Nations' rights. There are many Aboriginal communities along the planned pipeline route. Bill Namagoose of the Cree Nation Government has been following this file and he spoke with Christopher Herodier about what comes next.
(Photo: Haisla Kitimat protest, CBC) 
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Strateco shuts down Matoush camp


Yesterday, Strateco Resources announced it will be shutting down its Matoush camp in the Otish mountains, near Mistissini.

Matoush is the most advanced uranium exploration project in Quebec.

But it's been on standby for over a year, ever since the government announced a moratorium on the uranium industry.

Guy Hebert is the president and CEO of Strateco.

Joshua Loon spoke to him about his decision.

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Joshua Loon also spoke with Mistissini Chief Richard Shecapio to hear his reaction to Strateco's latest move.

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The story of a jingle dancer


Summer is around the corner and that means pow wow season is here. We continue our special look at pow wow culture with the story of Moose Factory jingle dancer Suzie Cheechoo. 
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