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Past Episodes: February 2014 Archives

Restorative justice sessions underway in Nemaska

Restorative justice sessions are taking place in Nemaska, February 18-20, 2014. Teddy Wapachee is the Justice Officer in Nemaska, and Christopher Herodier spoke with him about what restorative justice means. 
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Cree leaders meet with Premier Marois

Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come and Deputy Grand Chief Rodney Mark met with Quebec Premier Pauline Marois and Minister of Aboriginal Affairs Elizabeth Larouche on January 30th. They talked about many issues including the regional governance agreement, the BAPE environmental review on uranium, the Mistissini Agreement, and the Ouje-Bougoumou land transfer. They also discussed the Cree School Board's capital needs, forestry issues, protected areas, the Nord Pour Tous plan, the Charter of Values and issues relating to the federal government. Cree Negotiator Abel Bosum and Executive Director Bill Namagoose were also present. Christopher Herodier spoke with Deputy Grand Chief Rodney Mark to find out more. (Photo: Rodney Mark during an earlier interview with CBC)
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Chisasibi mother found dead in the snow

A Chisasibi woman was found dead in her community on January 30. Lillian Kitty Coon Come leaves behind four daughters. Joshua Loon spoke with Lt Samuel House of the Chisasibi police for an update on the investigation. 
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