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Candidates outline their early campaign strategies

logosmall.jpgThe Grand Council election campaign officially got underway on June 1st. Candidates for Grand Chief and Deputy Grand Chief will spend the next six weeks campaigning, trying to convince you they deserve your vote. CBC north wanted to start by touching base with the candidates for Grand Chief to talk about their early strategy.

Joshua Loon began with incumbent Grand Chief, Matthew Coon Come.


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Joshua Loon also spoke with Jack Blacksmith about his plans for the campaign.
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We have requested an interview with candidate Ashley Iserhoff on the same topic and are hoping to bring that to you shortly.

We also want to know from you what you think the major issues are in this campaign? What question do you want to ask the candidates? Call our TALKBACK LINE at 1-877-597-4369 or email us at creeprog@cbc.ca