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Grand Council reacts to Strateco legal action

Strateco Resources is launching a 16-million-dollar lawsuit against the Quebec government. It says the government's decision to stop issuing uranium permits is making the company lose money. The Cree Nation is against Strateco's Matoush uranium project near Mistissini. Joshua Loon spoke with Bill Namagoose, Executive Director of the Grand Council of the Crees, to hear how the Grand Council is reacting to Strateco's latest legal move.
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Special series: impacts of alcohol in Eyou Istchee

images.jpegThis month, CBC North brings you a series of reports on alcohol and some of its impacts in our communities. All of the Cree communities are officially "dry", but as we know, alcohol is still very much a part of our lives and our struggles. This is part of wider coverage across northern Canada by CBC North.

Anna Lisa Jacob
One girl from Waskaganish lost almost all of her friends because she stopped drinking. Nineteen-year-old Anna Lisa Jacob says she quit because her actions were getting out of hand which caused problems with her parents. She spoke with Joshua Loon about why she quit drinking and what has changed in her life.

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Frederick Coon Come
It was a Friday night, time to see friends, have fun, get the weekend started. Fifteen years ago Frederick Coon Come of Mistissini was 23 years old and getting ready for a party. He had big plans for his future. But that night, everything changed. He shared his story with Joshua Loon.
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Randy Kitchen
Fighting bootlegging has been identified as a priority for the Eeeyou- Eenou Police Force. All the Cree communities are officially dry, but alcohol is still a major factor behind the social problems. Officer Randy Kitchen from Waskganish says the public should be involved in catching the bootlggers. He spoke with Joshua Loon.
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Thomas Moar
As a parent of 6 children, Thomas Moar of Waskaganish talks about how much he worries when his children are out late at night knowing that booze is still a big issue in the community.

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Christine Petawabano

Many people think Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are just for alcoholics, but Christine Petawabano says Mistissini's AA meetings are open to anyone in any situation. She explains to Joshua Loon that participating in AA has helped her get to know herself better.

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Jimmy Trapper
Jimmy Trapper, an elder from Waskaganish, has seen that heavy drinking is a major problem that is harming our people both young and old. His concerns are for our future generations. Joshua Loon spoke with him about how alcohol abuse has affected the communities over the years.
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Emergency meeting on woodland caribou

Representatives from many Quebec First Nations met in mid-April in Sept- Iles to discuss declining caribou populations. They are trying to come up with an agreement to protect the Woodland caribou herd. Joshua Loon spoke with Isaac Masty, who was at the meeting.


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