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Past Episodes: March 2013 Archives

Organizers still tallying up the cost of the Nishiyuu Journey

421958_10151309368132638_6915147_n.jpgAs many of you know, the Journey of Nishiyuu has ended. Many of the walkers are on their way home and getting back to reality. Although the walk is over, the financial part of the walk is still ongoing, like paying off some debts. Vincent Georgekish spoke to Stella Masty-Bearskin to talk about the financial aspect of the walk.

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Banquet held for original 7 Nishiyuu walkers

A banquet was held on March 27th for the 7 original Journey of Nishiyuu walkers. Joshua Loon spoke to one of the organizers, Kenny Blacksmith, to find out more.


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Ugly incident at hockey game in Barraute involving Cree players

There was an incident at a hockey game over the weekend involving the Waskaganish boys team, aged 10 to 14. Sarah Trapper from Waskaganish is one of the parents who went to go watch the kids play. Trapper says the Cree kids were winning by a lot and were being harrassed by the parents of the opposing team. Eventually the coach of the Barraute team stopped the game because of the ugly nature of the comments. Joshua Loon spoke to Sarah Trapper about the game.


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