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More youth to join Nishiyuu Journey

The Nishiyuu Journey in Northern Quebec might soon be getting bigger. Since January 16th, a group of 6 youth and one guide have been walking through the bush between Whapmagoostui and Chisasibi in the James Bay region of Quebec, on their way to Ottawa. Once they arrive in Chisasibi, at least 20 other young people are planning to join them. The Journey of Nishiyuu -- or the Quest for Unity -- is in support of the Idle No More movement. One of the people who want to join the journey in Chisasibi is 11 year old Abby Masty. Betsy Longchap spoke with Abby mother, Rita Masty to find out more.

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Nishiyuu more than youth journey

We are hearing a lot about Nishiyuu these days. That is the name used for the journey that the young walkers from Whapmagoostui are taking. But this is a very old word that the elders have brought back as the name of their new program to bring the old teachings to the younger generation. Wayne Rabbitskin explains more to Melissa Natachequan.


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Saganash tables private members' bill on UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People

On January 28th, 2013 New Democrat M-P Romeo Saganash tabled a private members' bill that would make all Canadian laws consistent with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. Canada was one of the last countries to sign the UN declaration. It includes the right to maintain a distinct culture, to equality, to lands and resources and for treaties to be respected. Roderick Rabbitskin spoke with the NDP's deputy critic for Aboriginal Affairs, Romeo Saganash.

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