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Past Episodes: November 2012 Archives

Number of fish in Rupert river monitored

The people of Waskaganish recently finished their Cisco Fishery Registry, which is a way to monitor the health of fish in the Rupert river. Ryan Erless the local Niskamoon coordinator was spear heading the project. He says, this year the numbers are down compared to 2011 but not as much in 2010. Joshua Loon spoke with him to find out more.

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Cree Nation Bear player turns down a move to south

The captain of the Cree Nation Bears Midget AA team will be staying put in Mistissini this season. Synee Coonishish from Mistisssini was offered a spot to play in a competitive league in the south this year, but refused saying he wants to get better before making the move. Joshua Loon caught up with him at one of his hockey practices in Mistissini.

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Issue of traditional practices back in the news in O.J.

sweatlodge2.jpgPeople in Ouje-Bougoumou will once again be asked to vote on a resolution regarding traditional practices in their community. In the fall of 2010, a controversy erupted over a sweat lodge built behind a resident's house. Many people in the community wanted traditional practices banned. Newly elected Chief Reggie Neeposh wants to hear from residents regarding this issue at a one day community assembly, which will be held November 8th.


 Roderick Rabbitskin spoke with Chief Reggie Neeposh.

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