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Past Episodes: October 2012 Archives

Drug raids carried out in Whapmagoostui

On October 24th, officers with Eenou Eeyou Police Force carried out several raids in connection with the selling of drugs in Whapmagoostui. Several people were arrested and face charges regarding the selling of illegal drugs. Captain Shawn Coonishish of the EEPF  was in Whapmagoostui to assist local police there. Joshua Loon spoke with him to find out more.

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Local business owner says vandalism is out of control

A local Mistissini business owner says there has to be a way to reduce vandalism in Cree communities. Shawn Neeposh is depot manager at S & S office in Mistissini. The company recently had all the windows broken at the store. Neeposh says every summer he has to replace a new window because of vandalism. Joshua Loon spoke with Shawn Neeposh to find out more.

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Eeyou Communications Network closer to reaching it's goal

Eeyou Communications Network (ECN) is a fibre-optic telecommunications network serving Cree communities and the municipalities of the James Bay region. The not-for-profit company has started installing the fibre-optic into some Cree communities in Eeyou Istchee. One of the company's mandates is to train local people to work for them. Roderick Rabbitskin spoke to the president, Alfred Loon, to find out how the company is doing.

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