CBC North - Photo By Lena Autut

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Crees keep close eye on Nunavik gov't plans

As we know the Cree Nation Governance Working Group has been touring the communities to talk about how to set up a new governing structure for the Crees of Eeyou Istchee. The Inuit of Nunavik are going through a similar process, but they're a few steps ahead of the Crees. They already have a draft plan for their Nunavik Regional Government. In recent weeks the negotiators have been touring Inuit communities to explain what's in the plans. The people will vote in a referendum whether to accept the plan at the end of April. Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come is keeping an eye on these developments in Nunavik and he spoke with Roderick Rabbitskin about what Crees can learn from the NRG process.

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