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Grand Chief gets Quebec to stop MBJ in its tracks

The Municipalité de la Baie James made a bylaw called PRDIRT, or Les plans régionaux de développement intégré des ressources naturelles et du territoire. The bylaw would allow the Jamesiens to start any development on category 2 and 3 lands. They did not consult the Crees of Eeyou Istchee before passing this bylaw. The Grand Council of the Crees says the PRDIRT will affect everyone in Eeyou Istchee, so they are trying to stop it from happening. Roderick Rabbitskin spoke with Grand chief Matthew Coon Come after his meeting with Deputy Premier Nathalie Normandeau.
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Wemindji to sign agreement with GoldCorp

Another Cree community will be signing an agreement with a mining company this month. Wemindji has been negotiating with GoldCorp Company for the past four years. Now both sides are ready sign an agreement. Roderick Rabbitskin spoke with Wemindji Chief Rodney Mark.
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Cree, Inuit join forces to ban sports hunt

Lately, Chisasibi has been having with problems with sports hunters. They are worried about the declining caribou population, so the Cree leaders have joined the Inuit to try to ban the sports hunt. Roderick Rabbitskin spoke with Chisasibi Chief Abraham Rupert to learn more about what they're doing to try to solve the problem.

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