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Past Episodes: October 2010 Archives

Eeyou Governance consultations underway

The Cree Nation Governance Working Group is consulting with the whole Cree Nation. They started their tour on October 19th in Mistissini. To find out more about their consultations and what is in store for the nation, Roderick Rabbitskin spoke with coordinator William Mianscum.

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Mistissini police deal with shooting, beating incidents

On October 15th, people in Mistissini woke up to the sound of shooting. In another incident, three men from Mistissini were arrested in connection with a severe beating in Chibougamau. Roderick Rabbitskin spoke with Interim Police Chief Robie Petawabeno about both investigations.

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School board changes commissioners' role

The Cree School Board's Council of Commissioners recently met in Eastmain. Among other agenda items, they made some changes to the role of the commissioners. To tell us more, Roderick Rabbitskin spoke with CSB Chairman Gordon Blackned.
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