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Eyou Dipajimoon
with Christopher Herodier

Goose cutting video seen by thousands

Goose Break has arrived in Eeyou-istchee once again.  Some families have already reached their Goose Camps while others are getting ready to head out.  Louise Loon is also getting her family out for the annual Spring hunt. But, before she does that, she wanted to share a video of her cutting up a roasted goose. She wanted to let the younger generation learn from what she was taught about the Goose hunt. Betsy Longchap spoke with her. 

Betsy Longchap spoke with Louise Loon about why she wanted to make the video. 

Crees helping their northern neighbours

10968444_10152879927078612_4091231980809533220_n.jpgThe cost of food in the north is very high. In Nunavut, a recent survey showed that 7 of every 10 households don't have access to enough food. Some Crees are trying to help them. Jacqueline Paddy from Mistissini is fundraising to send food baskets to Inuit in Nunavut. Christopher Herodier spoke with Jacqueline Paddy. (Photo: Inuit elder in Nunavut receiving food shipment from the south)

Matthew Coon Come clarifies Cree position on forestry conflicts

matthew.jpegThe Cree Nation government says it will now participate in a mediation process in a conflict with Resolute Forest Products. The Quebec Government has named Lucien Bouchard as the mediator. It's an attempt to resolve a dispute between Crees and the company over its forestry practices in the Saguenay-Lac St. Jean region. Originally the Crees said they were never consulted and would not participate in the process. But now the Cree government has changed its mind. 
Christopher Herodier spoke with Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come for clarification.

Danny Wabano, on Mom's 111th Birthday

10947339_10152840668618612_8120265111696179525_n.jpgJanuary 28th was Marguerite Kioke Wabano's 111th Birthday, and we had a chance to speak with her son, Danny Wabano, who he himself is 73 years old. Happy Birthday again Granny Wabano, and here is the full interview, mixed with West/East Cree and English, enjoy....
(photo from her 110th birthday in 2014)

Crees refuse to participate in Bouchard-run mediation of Resolute dispute

bouchard.jpgQuebec has named former premier Lucien Bouchard to mediate a conflict that involves the Crees and Resolute Forest Products. But the Cree Nation Government says it will not participate in the mediation process. Resolute is a huge forestry company with operations in the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean area, a region that is not covered by the JBNQA but where Cree rights are protected under the Baril-Moses Agreement signed in 2002. To clarify the Cree government's position on this, Christopher Herodier spoke with Executive Director Bill Namagoose.

Theo Fleury and Kim Barthel on "Conversations with a Rattlesnake"


Former NHL star Theo Fleury and world-known therapist Kim Barthel explore the cycle of trauma and power of healing in their new book "Conversations with a Rattlesnake." They joined hosts Chris Herodier and Mary Shem in studio to talk about their work together. Here's that conversation, in English and Cree.

Pakesso Mukash reflects on Hawaii's indigenous cultural revival

Pak Hawaii twitter.JPGPakesso Mukash recently returned from Hawaii, where he had the chance to learn about an indigenous cultural revival taking place there. In this conversation with Mary Shem, Pakesso compares the Hawaiin education system with the Cree system and shares ways we can learn from what's happening there. Listen here to the interview

History of Cree fiddling studied by Scottish researcher

Cree fiddling is a tradition that dates back to the mid 1700's, when Scottish employees of the Hudson's Bay Company first played their instruments for Cree in James Bay. Recently, a Scottish researcher toured Eeyou Istchee to find out more about the Cree way of fiddling. Dr. Frances Wilkins is a lecturer in Ethnomusicology at the University of Aberdeen. She and her husband, fiddler Ronan Martin, visited our Cree radio studio with their instruments recently.

Former Fort Albany Chief share personal story of survival

Edmund Metatawabin is the former Chief of Fort Albany First Nation in Ontario. He has recently published a memoir called Up Ghost River. It is the story of his time in residential school St. Anne's, where he was taken at the age of 7. It is also the story of how he healed from his experiences. Listen to the interview here.

Sexually transmitted infections on the rise

condoms.jpg In Eeyou Istchee, STIs have become an epidemic. Rates of infection are up to 11 times higher than in the rest of Quebec. Patrice LarivĂ©e, Nurse Counsellor in Sexual Health for the Cree Health Board, is hard at work to find ways to educate and protect Cree youth.