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Columnists: January 2011 Archives

Jessica Goldman

jessicagoldmansmall.jpg"Theatre junkie" is the way Jessica Goldman likes to describe herself. And whether as a journalist, communications expert or a young amateur stage actress, the theatre has always been something special and important to her.

Jessica obtained her journalism degree from Ryerson University and worked as a television and print reporter for CTV, CityTV and The Sun in and around the Toronto area. While her assignments were mainly business and news-related, Jessica would often find ways to incorporate her love of the performing arts into her work through special performance reviews or general arts reporting.

As a communications expert, Jessica has worked with many theatre companies to help them better engage with audiences and spread the word about their performances.

Upon moving to Calgary in 2010, Jessica started the online Calgary performance review blog The site aims to enrich theatre-goers experience by critiquing performances and making detailed recommendations on what to see and who should see it.

Jessica is a member of the Canadian Theatre Critic Association.