Party Candidate Votes Status
182/182 polls Updated: Apr. 8, 2014 12:47 AM EDT
LIB Maryse Gaudreault 18,163 Elected
PQ Gilles Aubé 7,209
QS Benoit Renaud 3,647
CAQ Jean Bosco Citegetse 3,619
ON Eid Harb 189
ML Gabriel Girard Bernier 146

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Hull is one of two urban ridings of the five seats in the Outaouais region. Hull comprises the central areas of the city of Gatineau, across the Ottawa River from the country's capital. It is home to many federal civil servants.

The electoral district has been around since 1919. In the 2011 redistribution, it mostly added territory to its west.

Political history

Hull has voted Liberal in every election since 1956 but one, in 1976, when the Parti Québécois won it. It was 1980s Liberal cabinet minister Gilles Rocheleau's seat.

2012 provincial election results:

Party Candidate Votes
LIB Maryse Gaudreault 13,179
PQ Gilles Aubé 10,708
CAQ Étienne Boulrice 5,323
QS Bill Clennett 2,651
GRN Jozyam Ilsa Fontaine 781
ON Mikaël St-Louis 287
PN Marc Fiset 260
UCQ Kamal Maghri 119
ML Gabriel Girard Bernier 72


Prior results:


Liberal Oswald Parent held the seat and various cabinet portfolios.


PQ's Jocelyne Ouellette defeated Liberal Parent by two votes.


Liberal Gilles Rocheleau defeated PQ's Ouellette by 456 votes.


Liberal Rocheleau defeated PQ's Gilles Morais. Rocheleau resigned in 1988 to run federally.

1989 byelection

Liberal Robert Lesage defeated PQ's Paul Lemaire.


Liberal Lesage defeated PQ's Marcel Villeneuve.


Liberal Lesage defeated PQ's Michel Légère.


Liberal Roch Cholette defeated PQ's Jacques Dupont.


Liberal Cholette defeated PQ's Raphaël J. Déry.


Liberal Cholette defeated PQ's Marcel Painchaud by 5,528 votes. Cholette resigned in April 2008.

2008 by-election

Liberal Maryse Gaudreault defeated PQ's Gilles Aubé by 1,844 votes.

1995 sovereignty referendum: Yes: 30.3%; No: 69.7%

2014 Candidates

Parti Québécois Gilles Aubé
Coalition Avenir Québec       Jean Bosco Citegetse
Québec Solidaire Benoit Renaud
Liberal Maryse Gaudreault