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François Legault

Coalition Avenir Québec

François Legault

The Coalition Avenir Québec appeals to taxpayers with a platform that focuses on job creation through the St. Lawrence Project, tax reduction plan for families, less bureaucracy and “Quebec first” initiatives such as a single tax return and a balanced debate on the secular charter.

health government taxes Quebecers schools quality St. Lawrence services families public care innovation resources life fiscal Canada network businesses children development political system patients economic middle tariffs students universities summer responsibilities expenses jobs population drop-out access hospitals investments social cost budget future


  • Eliminate the health tax
  • Reform physicians’ compensation to ensure better medical care for patients
  • Review financing methods for health and social services institutions so that it corresponds to the volume of care provided to patients
  • Gradually abolish specific medical activities (AMPs) in order to foster the return of general practitioners toward the practice of family medicine
  • Upgrade the role of nurses and broaden their field of practice by reviewing the sharing of duties with physicians
  • Streamline bureaucratic structures by eliminating the health agencies


  • Set clear guidelines on federal spending power
  • Limit overlapping and duplication between the federal government and Quebec
  • End partisan appointments and exorbitant severance packages in the public sector and government
  • Set ground rules for government taxation through the adoption of a Taxpayers' Charter
  • Reduce the number of administrative jobs in the government and public sector by attrition
  • Freeze the total number of employees in the broader public service over the next 4 years


  • Adopt a single tax return
  • Adopt a Taxpayers’ Charter, stating that no increases in taxes and fees may exceed the inflation rate
  • Offer $1,000 in tax reductions for families by abolishing the health and school taxes
  • Give middle-class families tax relief by bringing in tighter controls over public spending
  • Provide mechanisms, like the indexing of income tax tables, to eliminate hidden increases in the tax burden
  • Review the allocation of $2 billion in income tax credits to businesses to target the creation of value-added jobs and better finance academic research linked to innovative businesses


  • See more Quebecers holding well-paid and rewarding jobs through the implementation of the St. Lawrence Project
  • Improve Quebecers' quality of life through a more prosperous economy
  • Rally Quebecers around the position of ''putting Quebec first'' when it comes to issues like limiting federal spending power, eliminating duplications between the levels of government and promoting Quebec's culture beyond its borders
  • Decrease the tax burden on Quebecers and bring it down to an acceptable level
  • Set up mechanisms to recover the amounts misappropriated from Quebecers in the various cases of collusion brought to light by the Charbonneau Commission


  • Eliminate unnecessary administrative structures such as school boards
  • Use savings from decreased bureaucracy to devote more resources to student services
  • Provide early screening for 3, 4 and 5 year old children who show signs of learning disabilities
  • Set up a tutorship program aimed at improving pedagogical support and supervision of secondary school students
  • Add guidance counselors to assist students in secondary school in making their career choices and planning their future
  • Express the neutrality of the state by asking people in a position of authority with a young and captive audience, such as teachers and principals in elementary and secondary schools, not to wear overt religious symbols


  • Create 100,000 quality jobs through the deployment of the St. Lawrence Project
  • Develop quality living environments near the innovation zones created by the St. Lawrence Project
  • Improve the quality of care given to senior citizens, especially those living in long-term care facilities (CHSLDs)
  • Improve the quality of care to patients by reorganizing the management of our health institutions
  • Improve Quebecers' quality of life through a more prosperous economy
  • Offer quality public services in the field of education, to make fighting school drop-out rates a priority

St. Lawrence

  • Launch the St. Lawrence Project, which creates 20 innovation zones in the St. Lawrence Valley
  • See more Quebecers holding well-paid and rewarding jobs by means of the St. Lawrence Project
  • Develop and exploit the petroleum resources in the gulf of the St. Lawrence, in partnership with the private sector
  • Increase the shipping traffic in the St. Lawrence-Great Lakes corridor
  • Develop the exceptional tourism potential represented by the St. Lawrence
  • Develop a long-term plan to depollute the St. Lawrence, placing emphasis on waste-water treatment, particularly in the Montreal region
Philippe Couillard

Quebec Liberal Party

Philippe Couillard


The Quebec Liberal Party’s rallying cry this campaign is “Together, addressing the real issues.” For leader Philippe Couillard, these real issues are the economy, health care and education. With the help of his “economic dream team,” Couillard is promising Quebecers 250,000 new jobs in five years, through initiatives such as the Maritime Strategy and the Plan Nord.

The Quebec Liberal Party has not released a comprehensive platform document this campaign. We instead present links to their campaign documentation.

Pauline Marois

Parti Québécois

Pauline Marois

The Parti Québécois’ diverse platform touches on prosperity, job creation and economic development in a sovereign Quebec. The party promises to govern effectively while cutting down on public spending. The PQ wants to make Quebec a sovereign nation, and encourages Quebecers to express their identity and values.

Quebec develop determined regions access education services economy laws new supportive public jobs transportation projects Quebecers health national workers family social products fight protect life electricity Montreal culture investments financing innovation training French nation resources children infrastructure youth territory North


  • Make Quebec a sovereign nation following a public consultation and referendum held when the Parti Québécois government deems appropriate
  • Prepare a white paper on Quebec's political future and make it available to Quebecers for consultation
  • Make sure Quebec has its place in the world
  • Reinforce Quebec's influence within la francophonie
  • Intensify the broadcast of works by Quebec artists within the province as well as abroad
  • Continue building infrastructure in Quebec's North


  • Develop food sovereignty
  • Develop an online Portail Santé that contains reliable and up to date health information
  • Develop Quebec's North
  • Develop new markets for Quebec's 'savoir-faire' on matters of energy
  • Develop and promote new sources of renewable energy
  • Develop new air routes from Montreal's airport to the United States, Asia and Latin America


  • The PQ is determined to adopt its secular charter
  • The PQ is determined to adopt a new French-language Charter
  • The PQ is determined to endow Quebec with a cultural policy adapted to the 21st century to ensure its distinct character
  • The PQ is determined to use electricity surplus to attract investment and create jobs by providing reduced rates for companies investing in new projects in Quebec
  • The PQ is determined to manage public spending effectively
  • The PQ is determined to ensure the continuity of the Charbonneau commission


  • Create quality jobs in all of Quebec's regions
  • Pursue the development of wind energy using the community model to maximize revenues for the regions
  • Support the development of Télé-Québec in the regions
  • Encourage the emergence of strong and diverse tourist attractions in Quebec's regions
  • Promote post-secondary education in the regions
  • Develop a Quebec strategy which will allow rural or remote regions to have high-speed internet access


  • Improve access to post-secondary education
  • Ensure vocational training is accessible in all regions
  • Promote access to vocational training to Quebec's First Nations and Inuit communities
  • Ensure Quebecers have access to housing
  • Significantly improve access to medical imaging and ultrasounds in public establishments
  • Improve access to family doctors by establishing more Groupe de medecine de famille (GMF)


  • Mesh culture and education
  • Reinforce the teaching of Quebec's national history from elementary school to university
  • Provide Quebec with its first national policy to fight drop-out rates
  • Put emphasis on vocational training and ensure its accessibility
  • Adopt a national policy for adults and continuing education, with literacy as one of its pillars
  • Reorganize roles and responsibilities in the Ministry of Education to govern more efficiently
Françoise David and Andrés Fontecilla

Québec Solidaire

Françoise David and Andrés Fontecilla

Québec Solidaire is urging Quebecers to choose a sovereign society based on equal opportunities and on the quest for a common good. Its platform focuses on the green economy, a public system to reduce the price of medications, better access to health care and free education from kindergarten to university.

workers rights schools public regions support finance inequalities economy businesses accessibility universities services favour environment creation development democracy free transport agriculture women community respect social political life revenue collective society increase diversity nation help producing cost taxes resources aboriginal


  • Improve working conditions for lecturers in CEGEPs and universities
  • Reinforce the law on pay equity and apply it across all fields to fight gender discrimination in the workplace
  • Reinforce the anti-scab law
  • Forbid lockouts and the use of injunctions against pickets
  • Ensure longer paid annual vacation for all workers
  • Modify the Act Respecting Labour Standards to streghten job security protections


  • Guarantee the exercising of union rights
  • Make it mandatory for workplaces to display employee rights as outlined by the Labour Standards Act
  • Give workers the right to stop working during their lunch hour and during paid 15-minute breaks every three hours of work
  • Fight for the fundamental rights of aboriginal women, including the right to security
  • Protect the rights of temporary foreign workers in Quebec
  • Create an international solidarity agency to promote peace, human rights, fairness and equality


  • Within the next 5 years, offer free tuition from kindergarten to university
  • Offer improved resources to schools in disadvantaged areas
  • Offer free extra-curricular activities in all public elementary and high schools
  • Decrease the number of students per class and increase services to students to make public schools a more attractive option
  • Create and finance a national literacy plan for Quebec
  • Transfer grants given to private schools to the public sector by 2020


  • Use a public Pharma-Québec body to buy and manufacture medication to reduce public costs
  • Guarantee free,public,universal and quality health care 24/7
  • Make the Quebec pension plan a public and universal system
  • Create a public bank to serve public institutions, families and businesses
  • Place businesses in the energy, climate and transportation fields under public control
  • Transfer grants given to private schools to the public sector by 2020


  • Support the University of Quebec to improve services in remote regions when the needs justify it
  • Offer alternative transportion solutions to people living in less populated regions
  • Support art, especially in the regions
  • Facilitate access to property ownership in the rural regions
  • Put in place a system to distribute revenue from natural resources exploitation in a fair manner between the state and the regions
  • Promote access to local produce in all the regions


  • Support families' revenues
  • Support teaching and non-teaching staff in schools
  • Support aboriginal women
  • Support temporary foreign workers in Quebec
  • Support community organizations
  • Support Quebec artists and artisans